147 Years of 272 Words

Four score and, well, many, many years ago President Abraham Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg Address, 272 words that are now etched into the walls of the Lincoln Memorial.  Tomorrow, November 19, will mark the 147th anniversary of the speech that took place in 1863.  The National Park Service is paying tribute, and you’re invited to join them.

You can commorate the event with Ranger Talk: 272 Words at Gettysburg, tours and talks at the Lincoln Memorial that highlight how Abe’s words redefined the future and identity of America.   Join an NPS ranger at the Lincoln Memorial at 11am, 1pm, or 3pm for the free sessions.  For more information contact Garrett Radke at 202-233-3520.

If those times are too early, another family program will take place at 5pm:  The Declaration of Independence at Gettysburg will discuss  why the Gettysburg Address resonates with so many people so long after Abraham Lincoln delivered it and whether or not he really scribbled it down while riding on a train. For more information contact Lowell Fry at 202-438-9603.  This one-hour session also meets at the Lincoln Memorial.

TTomorrow is going to be a beautiful fall day, perfect for a visit to the National Mall and a good U.S. history lesson.



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