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That Blogroll over there on the right sidebar of this page, that’s not just for my readers.  I also use it regularly to see what my blogging compadres are up to and always find tons of useful and inspirational information for both my own writing and my life.  And often I come across content that’s simply enjoyable to read.  Here are some recent posts from fellow bloggers that I recommend checking out.

No Monsters in My Bed just posted a list of children’s book recommendations, covering several age groups.  I trust her suggestions, as our kids seems to have similar tastes — she always includes one or two of our family’s favorites.  (Her reading suggestions for grown-ups are also worth a look, too!)

Need to stock up on kids’ clothes for spring?  Go Out & Play! just posted a lengthy list of area consignment sales.  Along with the what/where/when, she also offers tips on navigating the sales and how to make the most of them.

My good friend, Jody, pens an excellent blog, Globe-toddling, about traveling internationally with small children.  Not only is she a fantastic writer, she also knows her stuff when it comes to exploring the world with kids in tow.  And reading about her adventures will make you want to pack your (and your kids’) bags and book a trip.

DC Urban Dad makes me laugh with his recounts of adventures with his daughter and general commentary on parenting.  He also recently did a review of Keller Williams’s Kids CD and a short interview with the artist, which I thought rocked, as I’m a fan myself.

And, finally, I loved this post on The Hill is Home about snow days in our ‘hood.

Happy Reading!


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    • October 13, 2011 So True! My kids are eerxpts at waiting in long lines! My husband, not so much. Maybe I should take him to DL sometime to teach him! Naw…

  1. I just got back from vacation and saw this post, thanks so much for including me!!

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