Enter to Win Tickets to “Anime Momotaro” at Imagination Stage!

"Anime Momotaro" opens January 30 at Imagination Stage

“Anime Momotaro” opens January 30 at Imagination Stage

I’ve got even more tickets to give away, this time for a new production opening at Imagination Stage next weekend. Anime Momotaro, running from January 30 through March 10, reinterprets a famous Japanese folktale that teaches powerful lessons about inner strength and the ability to stand up against bullying.

Here’s the full description from the website:

An old couple in ancient Japan long for a child. They have their wish granted when a huge peach floats down the river and breaks open to reveal a baby boy. They name him Momotaro, and he grows up to be the strongest young man in all of Japan. But Momotaro’s village has a tiny problem…GIANT OGRES! Ogres have been bullying the villagers for years, and Momotaro decides he must make a stand. With the help of friends-the dog Inu, the monkey Saru, and the bird Kiji-Momotaro meets his foes face-to-face. Performed in the style of popular anime cartoons with traditional Japanese influences, this action-packed staging of Japan’s most famous folktale teaches powerful lessons about inner strength and how creativity, kindness, and cooperation win out over brute force.

Tickets start at $12, and it’s recommended for ages 5-10. Tip: Goldstar currently has a deal on select seats.

GIVEAWAY: For a chance to win 4 tickets to any show on opening weekend, simply leave a comment below telling me your favorite snowy day activity. To be eligible, you must like KidFriendly DC on Facebook and follow on Twitter (let me know that you did). The giveaway will run through Monday, and a winner will be announced on Tuesday, January 29. Good luck!


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31 Responses to Enter to Win Tickets to “Anime Momotaro” at Imagination Stage!

  1. Diana Russell

    My favorite snowy day activity is tromping through the snow, making trails, and enjoying nature with my 8 y.o.

  2. Tamara

    sledding with my kids

  3. Diana Russell

    Also following you on Twitter!:-)

  4. Heather

    Bundling everyone up and going for a walk in the snow. And warming up with hot chocolate when we get home

  5. Jayaram Udayakumar

    We do Yoga and Meditation with kid at home. Prepare and drink hot tea and veggie soup. Make snow man outside. Kiddish snowball fight with kid! 🙂

  6. Betty

    Love to bake and cook things to freeze on a snowy day. Nothing better than a warm kitchen with my little helper!

  7. Jaime

    My favorite snowy day activity is snuggling up with my daughter, some good stories and hot chocolate!

  8. Sonia

    Crafting with my kiddos and having a cup of hot chocolate.

  9. Natalya

    When we visit my in laws in Vermont, I like to play a trick on my kids by taking chocolate covered almonds and placing them randomly in the snow. I tell the kids it’s moose poop and then proceed to eat it. It gets them every time.

  10. Cristina

    My favorite snowy day activity is staying inside and watching it fall 🙂 but my daughter’s favorite is throwing snowballs at me!

  11. Dorothy

    The best mornings are the mornings that I wake up before the kids and find snow on the ground or falling softly all around. I pull open all the shades and sing to my two little ones to wake up… the smiles on their faces are priceless. Then, an “explore” through Rock Creek, snowball fights, snow angel making and snowman building… followed by snuggling and hot cocoa (w/ extra marshmallows of course).

  12. Jeannine Bayles

    Making snow forts!!!

  13. Tracy

    Snowball fights and hot cocoa to warm up.

  14. Lynette

    Hands-down, snuggling on the couch with my guys and watching a movie while sipping hot chocolate.

  15. Ann Marie

    Snow angels

  16. Rachel Thompson

    snowman and igloo building, letting my kids eat snow (up to a point) and hot cocoa of course!

  17. Lisa D

    We love “spray paining” the snow with spray bottles filled with water and food coloring! I follow you on facebook too!

  18. Jennifer Tanner

    Building a snowman, then having some hot chocolate once you can’t feel your face! Then, back out into the snow!

    Also, just followed you on Twitter and Like’d on Facebook!

  19. Carla Komich

    Big breakfast, sledding, ice ornaments (pie tin filled w water and whatever is found on the ground while sledding then left outside to freeze and hung on a tree out front), big pot of soup and early to bed.

  20. Sharmi

    add another one for snow angels 🙂

  21. Aisa Guiling

    We love to bake! 🙂

    Just liked you on Facebook. Thanks

  22. Sharon

    Kids all dressed in snow gear and playing outside (with me watching from the warmth of indoors 😉 )

  23. Kim

    We love to play in the snow. Sledding, throwing snow balls, football in the snow!

  24. Sarah

    We love to go sledding followd by hot cocoa and snuggling.

  25. Sherry Reilly

    Our favorite snowy day activity is going skiing!

  26. Georgia O'Neal

    Sleeping in!

  27. Jen G

    My favorite activity (with the kids, of course) is legos!

  28. Olga

    Our favorite snow day activity is spending as much time outside playing in the snow, as we can. We don’t get much snow here (unlike Russia where both my husband and I grew up), so we enjoy any chance to get out and spend time in the snow, even if it’s just walking outside watching the snowflakes fall. We simply LOVE it. : )

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