LEGO Mania Returns to BrickFair ’15 ~ Ticket Giveaway!

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Hey, LEGO enthusiasts! BrickFair, the nation’s largest annual LEGO fan festival, is returning to the area this coming weekend, and you have a chance to win tickets to the event.

BrickFair ’15 will bring together LEGO fans from across the country to showcase amazing brick constructions. Over 800 exhibitors will display their designs, from the tiniest little thing to towering cityscapes. There will also be over 90 tables of vendors selling all things LEGO — T-shirts, hats, mini figures, models, and more.

It’s not all just looking and buying. Visitors can get hands on in the Stay & Play Area chock full of bricks, so you can build and get creative. And some of the models are interactive, inviting guests to examine them even more closely (but be gentle!).

This will all take place at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, Va, August 1-2 from 11am – 4pm both days. Tickets are $15/ages 4 and up, free for ages 3 and under.

GIVEAWAY: I have three 4-Packs of tickets for BrickFair ’15 up for grabs. For a chance at winning one of them, simply leave a comment below telling me what you’ve enjoyed most this summer that you found out about here on KFDC. To be eligible, you must subscribe to KFDC (see sign-up to the left) and follow KidFriendly DC on Facebook. This giveaway will run until midnight tonight, then the winners will be drawn at random and notified by tomorrow morning, so I can get tickets out in time. Good luck!


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88 Responses to LEGO Mania Returns to BrickFair ’15 ~ Ticket Giveaway!

  1. Jeanne

    We have enjoyed Brookside Gardens immensely this summer!

  2. carri wasserberg

    Unfortunately, being pregnant, we haven’t been able to enjoy much around the area this summer, but I know that my son would have a great time at Brickfair and it would be something that would be just for him, right before the arrival of his sister.

  3. Ally

    We LOVE the spray parks and would love to go to Lego Mania!

  4. Sarah

    Thanks to your recommendation, we just went to the Annemarie Sculpture Garden. It was fabulous!

  5. Rachel M.

    I didn’t realize that the theme of this year’s Folklife Festival was Peru until I read it here. My husband is from Peru, so it was not an event we wanted to miss — thanks!

  6. Katie harvey

    Most enjoyed this summer have been all the recommended great outdoors riding and hiking trails. We have explored all over the region with my children’s new two wheel bike skills.

  7. Rachel

    Between travel and camps, we haven’t ventured beyond the standard (found via KFDC in previous years) – Yards Park, Georgetown Waterfront. But Camp Mom is in session starting Aug 1 and I’ve been stocking away KFDC ideas for August. We’re most looking forward to the Building Museum’s BEACH and Flag Ponds Beach. We’d love to add Brick Fair to that list. Thanks for continuing to be such an incredible resource for DC families!!

  8. Alexis

    We love Canal Park! I also loved your Beach recommendation at the National Building Museum!

  9. Diane Volcansek

    Kid friendly DC has been a life saver this summer as we are new arrivals! Best event so far has been a day spent at Frying Pan Farm Park- best value, educational and fun! Thanks and keep the info coming! (And hopefully we are the lucky winners of the Lego expo tickets

  10. Ericka

    I signed up for Kid Friendly DC’s mailing list about a year ago to seek out activities and events for my family. Being a native Washingtonian you would think planning a day of fun for your children would be a breeze, but my little ones aren’t always easily amused. As a parent of three I have to find reasonably priced and innovative ways to keep my little ones entertained… otherwise I’d have to keep myself heavily medicated while they tear the house apart (LOL).

    This summer we’ve spent most of our off days and weekends exploring all of the splash parks in the area; many we have never been to before! I’m almost certain they should have been fish rather than children… they LOVE the water 🙂 Our favorite park so far has been Lake Fairfax and just this weekend we spent the day playing marco polo at Rollingcrest Splash Park.

    My middle child has always been fascinated with architecture and building so being able to spend the day at LEGO’s brickfair would be a dream come true for her… of course my eldest and youngest would love to tag along… as long as we can make it to the pool afterwards 🙂

  11. Amy Failey

    Love the weekly where to play lists!! Update on new playground has been our fav! My two older boys are crazy for Legos!!

  12. Rachel Collins

    Thank you for the recent post about the Annemarie Sculpture Garden–we are planning a big trip with family to go together. All the girls are very excited! 🙂 This is a great blog to keep up with local events–I didn’t even know about this LEGO fair!
    My son and his friend are crazy for LEGO’s. We’ll go! Thanks.

  13. Jamil Raspberry

    The suggestion for Brownie Beach during the July 4th Holiday was a much needed refresher. We had gone several years ago when our daughter was an infant, but it turned out perfect for a busy holiday weekend too!
    Looking forward to Lego mania!

  14. David Patterson

    I love all of the water activities that KFDC offers!

  15. Jackie L.

    My toddler had a blast at “The Beach” at the National Building Museum!

  16. Laura A.

    We love going to the pool and playground whenever we can. Our little guy would love to go to Brickfair!!!

  17. Sean Lally

    we loved the park near the National Cathedral- the park with the zip line. Thanks for that!

  18. Amy Griffin

    Your website is our go to every weekend. We also love you standing posts like what to do on a rainy day. This summer we had an amazing time at the beach at the Building Museum and strawberry picking at Schlagel Farms based your recommendation!

  19. Brendan McKeon

    I want to thank you for alerting us to “The Beach” at the National Building Museum. It was wonderful. My children loved it.

  20. Rachel Bradford

    Watching my sons conquer their fear of water and learning to love the pool and beach/ocean.

  21. Maria

    Definitely the parks! We are new to the area and I’ve loved checking out the parks you’ve mentioned on this blog.

  22. Margo blair

    We love the most the review of the playgrounds in NoVa and your tips about the fairfax county parks.

  23. sandy

    The Beach review!

  24. Barbara Sacks Singer

    We haven’t gone yet but can’t wait to try “The Beach” at the National Building Museum, thanks to your recommendation! And hope to try this Lego event 🙂

  25. Beatriz

    Definitely the fun experience was at the National Building Museum. My kids would love to go to the BrickFair, they are Lego lovers.

  26. Susi

    We loved the National Building Museum!

  27. Sarah

    We had a great time at the ‎MixifyTour‬ at the National Building Museum, which we found out about through KidFriendly DC. I’ve been reading your posts for several years now, it’s helped us explore our city so much!

  28. Taylor Doyle

    What we’ve enjoyed most this summer is just being back in DC! We spent a 2 year stint in TX where I was lucky enough to become a SAHM. It’s carrying over to DC which is why I’ve come to depend on KidFriendlyDC. We’ve explored the splash parks and visited Wheaton regional park (or Watkins, I always get those two mixed up). Two things, however, stand out in my mind; attending the Karen K concert at the Discovery theater because it was the first outing by myself with all three kids (4 and under!) and Friday night fishing because it so peaceful its like another world. I never would have found out about those events if not for KFDC. So thank you!!

  29. Rachel

    Hi, just moved to Burke and would love to take my cabin-fevered children to this event! We have LEGOs everywhere…I found KidFriendly DC through Greater Alexandria Spouses FB page. Thanks!

  30. Heather Palmer

    How lucky I feel to have stumbled upon your blog! We just moved to the area this summer and I have wanted to keep my kids busy but have felt a little intimidated by our surroundings…and then I found you! Can’t wait to enjoy your outing ideas starting tomorrow at Fort Washington park. Many thanks 🙂

    (and a trip to this lego event would be just what we’ve needed)

  31. Mark

    We loved the National Building Museum BEACH exhibit !
    and we love KFDC!

  32. Ericka J.

    We love going to the Yards Park for the Friday night concerts!

  33. Jen Larson

    We’re fairly new to the area, and have found this blog so incredibly helpful when looking for places to explore. We’ve gone to several parks and events this summer that were recommended here, but the outdoor concerts have been the best. I know it’s not from the summer, but our hands-down favorite was your recommendation for Laser Cat last winter. So unique and so much fun!!!

    Thanks for all your work to put this together, we love it.

  34. taryn lee

    I am so glad that you reviewed The Beach – even though we are Building Museum members, I had been inclined to skip it because of the trouble of getting extra tickets, but we’ve gone a couple of times with friends and absolutely loved it each time!

  35. Alina

    Hi! We loved reading KidfeiendlyDc and learning about new cool places and events in the dc area! As our kids get older, and more metr active, this has been s great source of info! Thank you!

  36. Lynsey

    Even as a lifelong DC area resident I would never have known about Yards Park if it wasn’t for you so thank you so much!

  37. Carol Bradford

    We are excited about the upcoming fair at Frying Pan.

  38. Jessica

    Flag Pond Nature Center and Beach! We shut that beach down a few weeks back and it was awesome. Thanks!

  39. Emily

    I have loved all of the great ideas for things to do with kids on this blog. From BBQ’s and hikes at River Bend park to water play at Yards Park. I really depend on this blog for ideas with my 1.5 year old!

  40. Gilda Caudron

    As a grandmother raising three boys ages 8, 10 and 12 it is too expensive for us to go the pool except as a special treat during the summer. The tickets end costing us close to $40! So when I signed up for it was wonderful to find the spray parks which had somehow escaped my radar. Now we can visit each spray park in turn throughout the summer (with our occasional visit to the local swimming pool) and turn the day into a great adventure, so that is how I see your site-helping to make wonderful memories for families and their children.

  41. steve

    We have loved going to the spray parks. On your recommendation, we did the one at Mosaic, and we are looking forward to the ones in Georgetown and the Yards! Your Summer Guide is the best.

  42. Inna Usubyan

    We love LEGO! My kids would like to win these tickets!

  43. Jeannine

    I really enjoyed your post about Flag Ponds Nature Park, as I had not heard about it before and hope to check it out before summer ends! I subscribe to your emails as well as follow you on FB.

  44. Alison Tibbetts

    We loved the blooming waterlilies at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. Gorgeous!!

  45. Heather

    The Beach at The National Building Museum

  46. Julie

    We enjoyed the playground at National Cathedral! Thanks for the great recommendation!

  47. catherine benton

    The splash pad near nationals stadium and info on the building museum’s beach!

  48. Kat Lally

    We love your blog/FB feed. Our fav thing this summer was finding out about the playground by the National Cathedral and hiking at Teddy Roosevelt island.

  49. Lisa

    I love all the recommendations you post. As a lifelong Marylander, it has helped me explore the city more. My family has especially enjoyed the parks and Beach exhibit.

  50. Michelle C

    Great giveaway! Thanks for helping this newly transplanted family find fun things to do each week and weekend! We loved the BEACH recommendation for summer and Huntley Meadows this past winter.

  51. Cristina

    Summer family time at the beach and pool has been fun. Love your weekend roundups, the Garfield Musical at Adventure Theatre and Oliver to come! Fingers crossed we get to BrickFair this weekend – thanks for all you do!

  52. Renee M.

    We haven’t made it over there yet, but we are really looking forward to trying out the Beach at the National Building Museum!

  53. Pallavi

    We loved hillwood estate and gardens.

  54. Shelly Parker

    Our favorite experience of the summer has been Flags Ponds Nature Park. We had great fun on the beach and exploring other parts of the park. Who knew that it was all just an hour away. Thanks for the info!

  55. kim pomponi

    We moved to DC a year ago from NYC and have used your site weekly to find fun ideas for our 4 young boys. We discovered Yards Park through you and had a blast there one weekend. Definitely one of our best summer memories.

  56. Corrie

    Being new to the area, the emails and ideas from KidFriendly DC have been invaluable to us! We’ve visited Alexandria to see L’Hermione, we’ve been to the National Mall and used tips found on this site, we’ve visited areas closer to us in Fairfax County using information from here and we’ve even enjoyed the National Air and Space Museum in Chantilly in the same week it was suggested! Thank you so much for the ideas, keep them coming!

  57. Paula

    We’ve been slowly making our way between the spray parks and water parks!

  58. Emma Ripley

    Flag ponds nature park and brookside gardens! We plan to visit the beach exhibit at the national building museum soon. Thank you so much for all your fantastic reviews and recommendations!

  59. Matthew Raiteri

    We love all the information on outdoor activities in the area! What a great resource. I’ve got to keep my kids outdoors, they love it.

  60. Sadie

    Anne Marie Sculpture Garden!

  61. Louise graf

    The national museum white beach. We wound up spending almost the entire day there. I never understood why my kids like ball pits. Now I know why.

  62. Lillie

    I just started following you, but am enjoying it so far.

  63. Michaela

    My family follows your recommendations for over 2 years and every week we get inspired by your suggestions. What comes first to my mind now is the cool exhibit BEACH at the National Building Museum. We returned from our 4 week travel early July and I was thinking what we could do the first week back. Saw your email with recommendations and immediately took interest in the BEACH exhibit. We went and had a total blast. Your recommendations always work, at least for our family 🙂

  64. Kris

    We loved the summer movies at the Regal theater…and thanks to your posts, we can’t wait to go to the Beach at the National Building Museum!

  65. Wendy

    Always…Yards Park Friday nights.

  66. Allison

    It has been a while since I had been to the Adventure Theater your page reminded me to check out Garfield!

  67. Linda McCarty

    We love KFDC. I help watch my 2 grandkids every weekend and we are also looking for things to do. KFDC is a great resource for us. You have a lot of great ideas for us. My grandson loves legos and he would be so excited if we won these tickets. Thanks for all the great ideas u give us.

  68. Jen CN

    So many fun outdoor adventures, new parks, fruit picking but best is the ball ‘beach’ 🙂

  69. Elizabeth

    Kennilworth Aquatic Gardens is hard to beat but building museum beach outing was wonderful!

  70. Jim O.

    Just took the boys to Homestead Farm this weekend based on a recommendation from KFDC. We are knee deep in peaches and blackberries. We would love to go to BrickFair but if not, we can always find another great idea on KFDC.

  71. Brooke Bailey

    My favorite was Homestead Farms. The peaches there are unbelievable this year! We ate half of what we picked before we got home. I think my two-year-old, however, would vote for Upton Hill/Ocean Dunes. One bucket, one bucket that looks like it could hold at 10 large men, filling with water and oh-so-slowly tipping over to douse the patrons below–let’s just say my daughter enjoys that from every angle.

  72. Vanessa

    My kids and I finally visited the National Arboletum. It sure is a wonderful place and a hidden gem in DC. Like all your recommendation it was a hit. Thanks a lot for all your post!

  73. K. Saidi

    We enjoyed the glass forest at Palisades Park.

  74. Anastasia

    My 3 y.o. will say “Keep on Truckin’ at the RFK” was the best!

  75. AmyB

    The summer guide so I could plan ahead of time!

  76. Julie Segal Walters

    What have you suggested that we haven’t done? (Well, I’m still dying to try Panda Gourmet!) Your enthusiasm for the Beach at the Building Museum made us go right away. We had heard about it before your post but it rocketed to #1 on the to do list after your post. Thank you again for all you do!

  77. Melinda

    I think I missed the cutoff, but I’m going to stick my name in anyway….I LOVED the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, which I read about here. When I went on the last day, it was muddy from the rain the night before, but it was still a treat to learn all about Peru. I love outdoor festivals like this!

  78. Melanie Nordwall

    The new exhibit at the American History museum

  79. Cindy b

    Bubbles exhibit (going next week!) Love your great suggestions for bigger kids.

  80. rachel duffy

    Flag Pond Nature Park – have gone 2 weekends in a row!

  81. DeAna Ariola

    The “beach” at the Building Museum was a blast for our out of town guests (young and old). My son is a huge lego fan (aren’t we all?) but the event is a bit out of our budget, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that we can win some tickets 🙂

  82. Luiz

    Kudos for the great work! We loved the Dumbarton Oaks gardens.

  83. Pegah

    Lotus and Lilly festival in kenillworth DC was among the best activities and places I went this summer and I was informed about that through this page. Thank you very much for providing great information.

  84. Dawn

    We loved picking strawberries at Shlagel Farms….must have picked about 20lbs of strawberries! Your blog is our go-to almost every weekend. We’d love to go to the Brickfair.

  85. Jung

    Definitely the Smithsonian Folklife Festival

  86. Jonathan Heisey-Grove

    We LOVED Brickfest in 2012 and 2013 but couldn’t make it last year! 🙁 What a great place to see creativity come to such large life.

  87. Leah

    I loved finding out about $1 summer movies for kids! So great on a hot day

  88. Clara

    Museum days

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