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We are huge fans of Kiwi Crate here on the KFDC home front. But if you’ve been reading the blog for awhile (or even a short time) you probably already knew that. I started recommending the monthly activity boxes for kids a few years ago after my mom surprised Owen and Sasha with a subscription, and I raved about them as recently as this past holiday season when they topped the KFDC Gift Guide.

But in case you’re a new reader or just haven’t heard of Kiwi Crate yet, here’s the gist: Every month, a box with all the materials and inspiration needed for a project is delivered. It’s a new theme each time, and the kit includes supplies, a little magazine with background info about the theme, and ideas for kids to build on when their project is complete.

Experimenting with color

Experimenting with color

It started with just Kiwi Crate, mostly creative craft projects for children. Now, there are four kinds of boxes available. Koala Crate includes play and learn activities for ages 3-4. Kiwi Crate has the creative and educational projects for ages 5-8. Doodle Crate contains art and design DIY’s for ages 9-16+. And Tinker Crate has hands-on STEM-focused projects for ages 9-16+.

Sasha still receives the Kiwi Crate and has made all kinds of cute crafts and fun games. Owen started getting Tinker Crate last year and has conducted interesting experiments and built some pretty neat gadgets, like a trebuchet and a drawbot. And, for the most part, both of them can follow the instructions and complete the projects on their own — though I find it fun to work on them, too!

Setting up a drip migration system and learning about hydroponics

Setting up a drip migration system and learning about hydroponics

If you’re interested in trying out Kiwi Crate for yourself, now is a great time to do so. KidFriendly DC readers can get 30% off the first month’s subscription to any of Kiwi Crate’s four products with the code FRIENDLY30. You can also try to win a 3-month subscription through the giveaway below!

Giveaway: Want a chance to win a 3-month subscription to one of Kiwi Crate’s products? Simply leave a comment below telling me your child’s favorite artsy activity. To be eligible, you must also “like” KidFriendly DC on Facebook and subscribe to the blog (sign-up is to the left). The giveaway will run until next Thursday, February 4, then a winner will be drawn at random and notified shortly thereafter. Good luck!

Disclosure: KidFriendly DC is an affiliate of Kiwi Crate, however, all views expressed here are entirely my own.


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67 Responses to Enter to Win a 3-Month Subscription to Kiwi Crate!

  1. Andrea

    I think painting probably wins around here, but maybe that’s because that’s all we have? ha!

  2. Alexi

    My daughter likes to paint glitter eggs.

  3. Rachel

    My kids love to make rainbow loom creations, color, and make things out of paper.

  4. sandy

    my kids love to paint and color these days

  5. Kate K

    My sons are currently obsessed with drawing Pokemon characters

  6. eva

    Playing with water and food coloring.

  7. Heather

    Coloring shaving cream with food coloring and then painting with it.

  8. hadley

    My kids are really into colored pencils.

  9. Stacey

    I think around here any art is a favorite. My 18 year old loves coloring in those cool coloring books, my 7 year old likes getting dirty (think paint and glue all over his hands), and my 19 month old is limited to make our own play doh. He just eats everything.

  10. Jennifer

    My 3 1/2 year old has recently learned to cut pretty well with scissors and is enjoying cutting out snowflakes. He also enjoys painting.

  11. Ana

    Anything artsy-science related!! 🙂

  12. Jackie

    My 5 year old loves science related projects and putting things together and my 3 year old loves to draw and paint.

  13. Sadie

    My daughters love to make and decorate telescopes out of rolled up paper.

  14. Chelai

    My daughter loves coloring and those new coloring books out are her favorite along with jewelry making and painting.

  15. Melanie


  16. Emily

    Favorite artsy activity is definitely finger painting. It can be artsy on paper, clothes (ugh), the house (oh well), but always lots of smiles!

  17. Megan H

    Play doh! It easily wins as my 4.5 and 2 year olds absolute favorite thing to do!

  18. anna

    my 4 year old likes watercolor painting right now and my 8 year old likes making things with Beados.

  19. Alanna

    Loves to paint

  20. Marie

    Five year old loves to create volcanoes with baking soda and vinegar (with coloring of course!) and the three year old loves to paint.

  21. Christine

    My older son loves to draw and my younger son has fun playing with playdough.

  22. Katherine

    My daughter is still obsessed with making turkeys out of handprints from Thanksgiving! 🙂

  23. I.F.

    Anything play dogh is a huge hit with my 4 yr old. And also with the 16 mos old but only because he wants to eat it 🙁

  24. Ozlem

    My daughter loves to draw (especially rainbows during these days).

  25. Piper

    My daughter likes to use tissue paper and cellophane to create sun catchers and any project that she can hang in the window.

  26. Tristan

    My two boys love to do nature crafts and collages! Anything with leaves, seeds, sticks, and rocks.

  27. Becca

    My son’s favorite artsy activity is working with clay in art class at school. He’s more of a sciency kid, so we’d love to win the Tinker Crate!

  28. Julie

    Pretty much anything involving stickers. EVERYWHERE!

  29. Robin

    Shrinky Dinks are making a come back here!

  30. Sydney

    Stickers everywhere in my house

  31. Courtney

    My son loves to paint with dot paint!

  32. Megan

    Elaborate play dough creations (more so if it’s homemade), and lately, those little bead things you make into designs and then iron together. These crates sound super cool!

  33. Bridget

    Painting especially with glitter.

  34. Christina F.

    Right now, my daughter’s favorite artsy activity is making cards for everyone she knows. Everyone.

  35. Laura

    Liked and subscribed! My son loves painting!!

  36. Kathy

    Crafts with circus peanuts… beats eating them.

  37. Petra

    We love to paint 🙂

  38. Rachael

    My 4 year old loves any space related crafts. We are about to make a galaxy jar, which he is super excited about.

  39. Angela

    My daughter loves all things art! Play dough is a consistent favorite.

  40. Clara

    Painting and doing u tube channel art hub for kids

  41. Kate spigler

    Painting and playdoh right now. My daughter also loves to draw all the time.

  42. Erin Ellis

    My girls LOVE to draw. They got an art easel for Christmas and they are always creating.

  43. Maria

    My younger two love to paint. We’ve been dot painting through the epic snow this week. I’m going to mix up some snow paint for later today. The oldest is more into cartooning and comics.

  44. Nik

    My daughter’s favourite art activity is painting. We have gone through watercolours palettes so many times in the last two years. In fact, we are running out of room for her artwork.

  45. Rachel

    Drawing! Pens, crayons, markers, you name it.

  46. Danielle

    Coloring – lots of coloring. My older one just discovered the art of taking a line for a walk. super cool!

  47. Tracy

    My 4 yr old loves to build and create with magna tiles, tape and paper rolls.

  48. My kids’ favorite artsy activities are painting with water colors and building cardboard models of anything (planes, rockets, bunnies..).
    They are also addicted to magna tiles.

  49. Katie

    My 4 year old loves play doh and finger painting

  50. Allyson

    Painting and sculpting with model clay

  51. Kathy

    Older kid likes coding and drawing and building. Younger loves puzzles and drawing.

  52. marilyn

    Kits that don’t require much parental input, that he can do on his own.

  53. Takia Toomer

    My daughter and I love science experiments and building with blocks and legos

  54. Ltnsey

    My youngest LOVES to draw and while my oldest isn’t really an artsy kid the tinker crates sound right up his alley.

  55. Mary

    My kiddos are both still fans of good ol’ coloring books (and the occasional play doh)

  56. Heidi

    Sidewalk chalk and paint are great, but my kids’ favorite outdoor artistic activity is a bucket of water and paint brush. Then they can paint anything!

  57. mayra

    paper flowers

  58. Cassie

    My kids adore coloring the bath water with Color Dropz! That and blowing milk into various “shapes” using straw, one I am less fond of.

  59. Kelly

    My kids love to draw their own comics. And masking tape, they can spend hours taping cardboard boxes together with masking tape to make buildings, offices, schools, movie theaters- the list is endless.

  60. Preethi

    My older two both love good old fashioned coloring books with crayons and colored pencils!

  61. Katherine Murray

    My oldest loves Art for Kids Hub videos. My middle daughter loves to draw and color.

  62. Faye

    We are really into watercolor pencils right now. Draw first, then paint.

  63. judith

    coloring books!

  64. Riara

    My son enjoys painting and mixing colors most of all!

  65. Jenny McCambridge

    All my kids want to do is CRAFTS! They love it. I love it. My husband kinda likes it (haha!). They both enjoy painting and coloring, and now my daughter likes to “illustrate” in her journal. Thanks for the chance!

  66. Diana

    My soon-to-be-six-year-old daughter and I love making paper flowers together.

  67. Shani Bagley

    “Trash to Treasure” projects! She loves to make creations with boxes, buttons and whatever other junk we can find.

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