‘Make Delicious’ Asian Meals at Home with GrandPa’s Kit

Tang-Thack Noodles - delicious and easy to make with GrandPa's Kit!

Tang-Thack Noodles – delicious and easy to make with GrandPa’s Kit!

I’m a big fan of the meal delivery trend. I’m not talking about having someone drive over food from local eateries (though that definitely has a place in my world on those lazy/busy days ). I’m talking about the services that send everything you need to prepare a good, healthy meal at home. Because while I do like to cook, I’m not the best at coming up with new dinner ideas and gathering all of the ingredients needed for some of the more interesting and exotic dishes.


So, when GrandPa’s Kit reached out to invite me to try their service, I signed up immediately. They stood out to me because they specialize in Asian cuisine, mostly Asian Street Food, which our family really enjoys. It’s just not something I really make on my own, since I’m not a very creative dinner planner and recipes often call for ingredients I don’t keep on hand at home.

Using their service is extremely easy: You go to the website, browse the menu options, make your meal selection, pick a delivery date, then check out. Everything is done online, and the website is very easy to navigate. We’ve had two deliveries (with three different meals), and there have never been any issues. I’ve ordered meals for the next day, and they’ve always arrived during the time frame promised. And the most important part: They have all been easy — and fun — to make and exceptionally delicious!



So far we’ve had the Green Curry with Crispy Tofu, the Tang-Thack Noodle with Fried Tofu, and Okonomiyaki (a savory Japanese pancake that was new to us). All of the ingredients needed to cook the meal come in a box carefully bundled with ice packs to keep everything fresh. It all comes in exact, measured amounts, so nothing is wasted, though you still do the prep work — the washing, chopping, dicing, etc. Detailed cooking instructions, including images, come with every meal. You can also view short timelapse videos online for extra inspiration.

Okonomiyaki is like a Japanese pizza and as tasty as it is interesting

Okonomiyaki is like a Japanese pizza and as tasty as it is interesting

Green curry with tofu, just as good as any restaurant

Green curry with tofu, just as good as any restaurant

Right now GrandPa’s Kit provides service in DC and the Northern Virginia area. Prices are good, comparable to other delivery services, even slightly better. The servings are very generous, so a meal for two can sometimes feed all of us. The lack of leftovers doesn’t mean there wasn’t enough, but indication we liked it that much!

So, are you ready to ‘Make Delicious’? Give GrandPa’s Kit a try and get $10 off your first order – just use the code GRANDPA10OFF when you check out. And let me know how you like it!

Disclosure: I received complimentary meals to try GrandPas’s Kit to review, however, all opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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