HBD, KFDC! (And a Giveaway to Celebrate!)


KidFriendly DC just turned 7! On February 24, to be exact. And like many milestones and anniversaries, it’s prompted some reflection. As you’ve likely noticed, I don’t often get too personal here; KFDC is meant to inform and inspire fun, enriching experiences. But after seven years, I figured why not share a little more about myself, offer more insight into where this all comes from? So, as I ring in another year and reflect on it all, I thought I’d share some random musings and tidbits — 7 of them for 7 years — on this whole blogging journey. If you’re not interested, no worries, but don’t miss the big GIVEAWAY below.

And, of course, I have to say a heartfelt THANK YOU for reading. It’s still kind of amazing to me that so many of you follow my blog, and I sincerely appreciate that you do.

Okay, onto the 7…

1. Being a “Blogger” is interesting. (I actually recently changed my LinkedIn title to Publisher, as there’s much more to all of this than sitting at a computer and churning out blog posts.) Sometimes it feels like the perception is that this is a fun, little hobby, but it’s actually my full time job. Sure, it’s one I created for myself, but who says it takes a traditional profession to have a real career? I actually like that it’s unconventional and new — I get to define it as I go along, and it’s full of possibilities. Which I really dig.

2. This wasn’t exactly a fluke. My professional background pre-KFDC was in publishing and media; I have experience in print, online, and television as a writer, editor, and photo editor. I’ve worked for an environmental publication, an adventure travel website, the Discovery Channel, and freelanced for even more, mostly travel related. It was always my long term goal to somehow bring it all together and create something on my own that would also give back in some way. And while I didn’t start KFDC as that particular thing — I was caring for a baby and 3-year-old at the time, and couldn’t flesh out my thoughts enough to have a clear vision — it kind of has become that thing.

3. For a very long time, I thought KFDC was going to implode. There was a weird technical issue that had to do with the compatibility of an old version of my blog theme and a new version of WordPress, and none of the techie experts could guarantee that I wouldn’t ruin everything when I updated. So, I just put it off forever and worried that it would all go kaput in the meantime. One day, I woke up and logged on to find that it had automatically updated overnight. And it was fine. Better, even. That was a huge relief. It could have been a completely different, disastrous story.

4. I don’t just write a blog; I read them, too! Even better, a few of the writers have become my friends. Some local favorites: No Monsters in My Bed, Not-So-SAHM, But I Do Have a Law Degree, Popville, Eater DC, The Hill is Home.

5. I have a love/hate relationship with social media. There’s no denying what an amazing marketing tool it is — I probably owe most of KFDC’s following to it. And I love how easily it connects so many of us. But sometimes it feels like there’s pressure to keep up with everything, and there is so much out there to keep up with. This blog is the heart of what I do, and I like to focus my attention here. That said, Facebook is my main social media channel, I kind of do Twitter, and I’m starting to get better at the Instagram if you want to follow along! πŸ™‚

6. If I had to name my top three favorite experiences in the DC area, they would be: 1) Ren Fest (duh!) 2) Fossil Hunting 3) Adventure Park at Sandy Springs. That said, there are SO MANY places and activities that I (and my kids) love… the National Arboretum, Great Falls, all of the museums, Dumbarton Oaks, Adventure Theatre, Arena Stage, Watkins Regional Park, day trips to Baltimore, Nats games… Really, the fact that I have a whole website dedicated to all the great things to do in DC says it all.

7. I really, truly love what I do. And despite what it might seem, it’s not all just getting out and doing fun stuff with my kids. We do have loads of fun and get to do some pretty awesome things, but I also spend more time on back end and “business” work than adventuring. In the end, though, it’s all incredibly satisfying and, like I said, I love it. That’s important in doing something like this (or any job, for that matter). When you care about something so much, you want to make it the best it can be. KFDC might not get deeply personal, but it’s still a reflection of me and two little people I love most in this world. So, I care a ton. I really hope that translates on the reader end, too.

There you go, seven random musings. Now go try to win the giveaway.

* * * * *

Giveaway: To celebrate 7 years of KidFriendly DC, you have a chance to win a CertifiKID voucher for one of the following: A 2-night Chincoteague Island, VA Escape (the deal valid March 31 – May 4, 2017), 4 Tickets to Erth’s Dinosaur Live at Strathmore, or 5 Tickets for the Bunny Hop Train Ride on the Maryland Scenic Railroad. (Be sure to read all details on all of them!) To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me your favorite place or activity that you learned about from KFDC. This giveaway will run through March 5, 2017, then a winner will be drawn at random and notified shortly thereafter. Good luck!


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205 Responses to HBD, KFDC! (And a Giveaway to Celebrate!)

  1. Alison Tibbetts

    Kenilworth Aquatic Garden!

  2. Sandy

    I love the theatre show postings

  3. Ashley

    I always appreciate the trails and woodsy destinations you share. Also, with so much going on in our lives, I also appreciate the weekly reminder from you of what is happening so I can be inspired to take a break from carpool/homework/sports and experience something off schedule!

    • Stephanie

      It’s so hard to pick. I use you ALL THE TIME!!! I will say, however, that we went to Riverbend last weekend based on your recommendation and it was AWESOME. We hike a lot and I’ve even been to Riverbend on a field trip but I couldn’t believed we had never been along the Potomac Heritage Trail. We happened to be there when the frogs were at their peak fervor. What an amazing experience!

  4. Yahira

    Thank you for making me aware of Burnside Farms Tulip festival. I will be visitog this Spring and am so excited about it! I love phitography and will havd a blast, I can’t wait!🌷🌷

  5. Julie

    I thought your recent post about the National Museum of African American History & Culture museum was great!

  6. Liz

    There is not just one! We reference kid friendly almost every weekend!

  7. Elisabeth

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for all that you do. We have been to so many amazing places, events and activities thanks to you! Our favorites are Flag Ponds beach and Kidwell Farms!

  8. Jessica

    National Geographic Museum, in particular the pirate exhibit from a few years ago. By far, our most favorite exhibit in all of D.C. So far. It was amazing for kids and adults alike!

  9. Jen vo

    The lab in Arlington, the boat Christmas lights in Arlington and adventure theater. I appriciate the weekly emails, too!

  10. April

    National portrait gallery new kid area!

  11. Elisabeth

    Flag Ponds and Kidwell Farm!

  12. Because my memory is shot, I’d have to say the thing we did yesterday at your suggestion- Dream Big at the Air and Space. Thanks again!

  13. Sarah Harley

    So excited to go fossil hunting when the weather warms!

  14. SusanD

    Aventure Park San,dy Spin,gd. Waitin,g for the March opening!

  15. Lane Windham

    I appreciate all the compilations of places to get outside – – and festivals!

  16. Laurie pickett

    I always look forward to the weekend roundup. We have found a lot of great activities but we’re very excited to find Watkins Park, it’s become one of our favorite spots! Thank you!

  17. Tracy

    I appreciate all of the postings about events, however I can’t get to many of them since I can’t drive. I live the different seasonal events- fall festivals, egg hunts, etc.

  18. Wendy Matthews

    Yards Park!!

  19. Stephanie

    It’s hard to pick. I use you ALL THE TIME. I will say, however, that last weekend we went hiking at Riverbend Park and it was awesome! We hike a lot and I had even been to Riverbend for field trip, but we have never hiked that stretch of the Potomac Heritage Trail. The highlight was catching the frogs in their vernal pool at peak fervor. Such a thrill!

  20. Chris

    So grateful for your blog! We have discovered many amazing places in D.C. because of you! Our favorite place is the Wizard of Oz Park (Watkins Park).

  21. Jasminka

    Udvar Hazy is our favourite place. I like how you structure your emails so that they are always easy and interesting to read. Also you seem to be credible and transparent about what you are saying, I appreciate that.

  22. Kate Mazz

    I can’t wait to take the boys fossil hunting one day this spring!

  23. Brianne

    annmarie sculpture gardens!!!

  24. Erica H

    Beauvoir Playground!

  25. Becky Fleeson

    Kenilworth aquatic gardens! Also as a new SAHM to two loved the helpful tips on wegmans wonderplace too! Thanks for making it easy to get out and about and really take in the city with kids!!

  26. Jess Belford

    North Beach

  27. Darcy Troutman

    This post made my day! I love being your friend and I love reading your blog! Favorite place is tricky – but we still do the Riverbed Park hike to Great Falls a few times a year and I never would have found that if it weren’t for KFDC!

  28. Rebecca

    RenFest! I’m a total convert!

  29. Jenny McCambridge

    I have learned SO many things, where do I begin? I guess I have been following your blog almost from the beginning since my daughter is 6 years old. Wow, hard to believe. I guess my one of my favorite things I have learned is Glen Echo and the theater options there… Thanks!

  30. Sarah

    Huntley meadows wetlands/park. Thank you for all you do to keep me updated and engaged with my kids!!!

  31. Laura

    Rock Creek Park Nature Center and Horse Stables!

  32. Darcy Troutman

    This post made my day! I love your bio and I love being your friend! There are lots of favorite places – but the Riverbend Hike (to Great Falls) is one of my favorites, because I’m not sure I ever would have found it without KFDC!

  33. Skye Lee

    The latest show at the Hirshhorn!

  34. Linda L

    National building museum exhibits!

  35. Amanda Batla

    Happy happy birthday! I have been referencing KFDC on a weekly basis for almost six years as well as passing it to others. Could not have made it through hot summer days without knowing about all the splash parks, the Portrait Gallery water feature and especially Westminster and the pool at Navy Yard. We have often visited the Postal Museum and I am almost positive that I can credit you with the amazing concerts at Discovery theater and Harambe.

  36. Kerry

    Botanical Gardens train show! A new holiday tradition for us!

  37. Chelai Johnson

    The Saturdays at National Theatre for kids. My kids love it.

  38. Michele Minor

    This is a great blog site. Add a DC mom , I am very appreciative of the links to great activities for my youngster. We rcently attended “Kids on the Kitchen” at the Anthony Bowman YMCA. Grace enjoyed herself immensely. They had fun activities and great giveaways all related to healthy nutrition.

    Thanks again!

  39. Bonnie

    The portrait gallery’s new kid wing!

  40. Paula

    Fossil Hunting! Can’t wait to get out there with my kiddos!

  41. Beth Omasta

    The African American History Museum looks amazing! I didn’t know they had same day tickets, thanks for the tip! Hopefully we can get there soon.

  42. Kristina

    I learned about the Potomac Overlook park and nature center from KFDC, and we go every chance we get – great for littles!

  43. Rachel Sushner

    Too many things to list! KFDC has been a great resource for my family. Thank you! If I had to pick, my favorite place you’ve listed has been the volunteer opportunity at the D.C. Diaper Bank. It was such a fantastic, and meaningful, way to get my kids involved in giving to others.

  44. Maria

    I actually want to first thank you! I’ve been reading your blog for 5 out of the 7 years and you have inspired so many fun adventures! Your holiday guide is my favorite! We do everything on it and our favorite is the train at the botanic garden.

  45. Piper

    I was excited to learn about–and we still have on our bucket list–Beauvoir playground! This must be the year that we finally check it out!

  46. Sabrina Adewumi

    It’s really hard to identify any favorites bc we have benefited so much from your posts!! (Thank you) But if I had to choose I would say learning about beaches that aren’t too far away 🌊 β›±πŸ

  47. Rachel

    I have learned about so many great resources from KFDC! It’s my weekly go-to. Too many favorites to list! If I had to pick one, I’d say the volunteer opportunity at The DC Diaper Bank. It was such a meaningful way to get my kids involved in giving to others. Thank you for all your efforts!

  48. Patricia wonder

    Congrats! You have introduced my son and I to so much. My favorite so far has been festivals especially national book festival.

  49. Leida Martinez

    I truly enjoy receiving your emails especially the weekend roundups. We learned from your emails about the Kenilworth Aquatic Center festival, we enjoyed going since our family is all about gardens!

  50. Erica W.

    I would have to say my favorite place I learned from KFDC was “The Glass Forest”. It’s a great hidden gem of DC that I would have never discovered without your help! 😊. Thanks and congratulations on 7 years!

  51. Stephanie

    Fossiles Hunting

  52. Jessica

    I have learned so many treasures from your posts but my favorite is probably the Aquatic Gardens and Postal Museum. Very different experiences but both surprisingly terrific for kids! I would love to take my daughter to Chincoteague this summer as we took my son before she was born.

  53. Elizabeth

    Huntley meadows!! It was a dream come true when we made countless trips to lowes in Alexandria and the boys needed a diversion!

  54. Marie

    Thank you so much for creating this website, there’s been so many fun things that you’ve shared for places for our family to take part. I’ve shared your website with at least five friends since we’ve moved here three months ago.

    Of the many places you’ve show cased, recently we visited the library of Congress with the kids.

  55. Erica W.

    I would have to say my favorite place I learned from KFDC was “The Glass Forest”. Great hidden gem of DC! Thanks for all of the suggestions and congratulations on 7 years!

  56. Madeleine Ly

    Congratulations! We found clemyjontri park because of your site and love it!

  57. Jami

    As a newbie to DC with elementary-aged kids, your site has been such a gift! I loved the post on volunteer opportunities including the Diaper Bank.

  58. Sam

    Congrats on 7 years of KFDC! I am always using and sharing your site. My favorites have been the Clemyjontri and Beauvoir playgrounds, Scott’s Run, the B&O Museum, the Postal Museum, and the National Book Festival!

  59. Kelly

    Beauvoir at National Cathedral! Thank you for telling us about this secret!

  60. Mary Claire

    It’s so hard to pick just one! But I think the review of the Beach exhibit at the national building museum was my favorite, because I used it to convince my husband we needed to go and the kids still talk about it.

  61. I’m so grateful for your blog – it’s been such a tremendous resource for me (a SAHM of 3 boys, ages 4-8). I’ve learned of SO many destinations and attractions that I feel like I wouldn’t have otherwise, but the one that tops the list is the Renaissance Festival. I had no idea it would be a kid-friendly place until reading your glowing review(s!), and it’s now an annual tradition for our family. Happy birthday, and keep doing what you do – I sure appreciate it! πŸ™‚

  62. Sandra

    Loved Anne Marie sculpture garden fairy and gnome fair! Thank you so much for opening my eyes to a whole new DC! Would love to win the getaway!

  63. Sandra

    Thanks for opening my eyes to a whole new DC !! One of my favorite suggestions is the Anne Marie sculpture garden fairy and gnome fair.
    The Renascence fair was great too!!

  64. Jen vo

    Adventure theater and the library of congress. And a long time ago I had never been to TR island until I read about it on your sight and we go back often now! And Saturdays at the National theater! Thanks for all you do, your weekend emails are heavily relied on!

  65. Olivia

    It’s hard to pick one because, as newcomers to the area, we have learned about so many great options through your blog. If pressed, I’d say the Ragnar Kjartansson exhibit at the Hirshhorn, with kid-friendly hiking trails a close second.

  66. Tim vo

    Saturdays at the National theater and Chinese festival at LFM.

  67. Alexis F.

    The Beach exhibit at the Nat’l Building Museum – while it was only a temporary exhibit, I’m so glad we were able to learn about it here and then experience it. Honestly, it’s something I will never forget! It was such an unusual and creative exhibit that anyone of any age could embrace.

  68. Rachael

    Purse State Park for fossil hunting. We have been 3 times and even though we don’t take everything we find so we can leave some for our other KFDC friends the location is so beautiful, even in 40* weather. Thank you for making our transition in moving here so much easier.

  69. Lisa Dreisigmeyer

    The favorite thing we did that we learned about from you was the Wonder exhibit at the Renwick gallery. So magical.

  70. Clara

    The winter ice slide a few years ago. My kids loved it and I wouldn’t have known about it without your blog.

  71. Sasha

    We went fossil hunting last weekend! It was a complete fail for my almost 2 year old who couldn’t resist the water no matter how cold. My 6 old loved it. That was our first adventure that we followed from your blog!

  72. Vandana

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For informative and lovely family post of Solomon island in Maryalnd and specially Annmarie garden’s beutiful pictures of fairyhomes. We would have never visited this place without your blog. Annmarie garden also confirmed that they had many new visitors like us ,who came after reading your post. God bless!

  73. Wendy

    We would never have known about Boogie Babes if we hadn’t read Kidfriendlydc. It has definitely made for a fantastic dancer and singer!

  74. Ledina

    The Beauvoir School’s playground and hiking from Riverbend to Great Falls park.

  75. Nicholas Knight

    The article on Watkins Regional Park. We have gone back there every few months when the weather allows it.

  76. M Girdis

    Annmarie Sculpture Garden is magical! We loved the fairy festival!!

  77. Jeannette

    The ice slide at St Elizabeth’s. Never would have learned of it without your post!

  78. Mara

    Yards Park in DC

  79. Gina

    It’s hard to choose a favorite, but my kids loved Watkins Regional Park and all the hiking recommendations. Thanks so much for doing this blog! Happy 7th anniversary.

  80. Gina

    It’s hard to choose a favorite, but my kids love Watkins Regional Park and all the hiking recommendations. Thanks for doing this, and happy 7th anniversary.

  81. Jennifer

    Happy anniversary and congratulations! I use your ideas all the time, but Clemyjontri has become a regular. I absolutely love this fossil digging is in your top 3- a personal hobby of mine and something I haven’t done enough of since moving here!

  82. Lauren Krulick

    Loved the pumpkin patch experience that we went to in the fall at Cox Farms!!

  83. Danielle M Werchowsky

    Our favorite was Sumo wrestling. I never would have heard about that if it wasn’t for KFDC.

  84. I’m a new reader. But I really liked your article about Great Falls. I’ve been wanting to go and your post made it seem so doable.

  85. Amy

    Flag Ponds! We were fortunate enough to read about it here, and now it’s a family favorite. Thank you, and congrats on 7 years!

  86. Cyril Eusebio

    I like your weekdays adventures since I’m a SAHM with a 2 1/2 and 6 yrs old. But recently, we all like the National Portrait Gallery new children’s museum

  87. Mafe

    So difficult. I lay in bed with my daughter and we go through the weekly options: Kenilworth Aquatic Garden!, and the boat trip in Maryland, which I can’t remember the name.

  88. Brittany

    Having only lived in DC a year I love following your suggested activities. Thank you for your hard work. . One of my favorite things to do is take my kids to Wolf Trap Theater in the Woods.

  89. Tamara Cohen

    While this may be your career, your blog (and FB page) allow me, as a new SAHM, to explore our area with confidence. Your work has honestly changed the way I am able to explore with my daughter. Thank you!!!!
    That being said, my favorite trip so far has been to Wheaton Park. It is close by and just so surprising- around each corner there is something beautiful.

    Let me also suggest Allen Pond Park in Bowie MD. : )

  90. Amanda

    It was that park at the school just outside DC. I can’t even remember its name, but we were driving or of town once and passed it and swerved to turn in. We stayed until dark and my kids loved it. That means I loved it.


    We are newcomers in DC and your site has been a guiding star for us. Our best place so far was Clemyjontri. Keep up the great job!

  92. Courtney F.

    I was suprised and interested to learn about the Franciscan monastery of the Holy Land in DC. Can’t wait to explore!

  93. Heather

    There are too many to name. If I had to choose one genre I would say all the fall festivals and farms. Thank you and happy birthday!

  94. Eva Salvetti

    Too many! But probably Watkins Regional Park.

  95. Colleen Nguyen

    We loved the fairy contest at Annmarie sculpture garden that we never would have heard of if I didn’t read it on KFDC. We loved it!!

  96. Danielle

    We really enjoyed Sumo Wrestling. We found this gem of an event through KFDC.

  97. Linda So

    The mirrors exhibit at the hirschhorn

  98. Megan

    Watkins Park! We never would have heard of it without the blog. Thank you!

  99. Jackie

    We would never have found the Navy Yard Park and water area if it weren’t for your blog. Happy birthday!

  100. Meredith Larson

    Congratulations and happy birthday! what a beautiful note today. You have introduced us to many treasures. Perhaps the favorite is Adventure Park at Sandy Spring – had heard of it, but hadn’t actually organized us to go until I saw your email with story and beautiful pictures. We went shortly thereafter when he was age 6 and have been several times since. Thank you again.

  101. Jessica W.

    Jerome “Buddie” Ford Nature Center. The microscope alone makes tge trip worth it. We all enjoyed it…ages 1 to 63! Thank you!

  102. Cindy B

    I feel like I’ve followed you all 7 years because you are my go to site for fun kid friendly events in the DC area. We love the Air and Space museum at Dulles and can’t wait to go fossil hunting when the weather stays warm. Thanks so much for finding all those great events and festivals for us!

  103. Jessica

    Jerome “Buddie” Ford Nature Center . The microscope alone is worth the trip!

  104. Laura

    My favorite place we learned about was Watkins Mill Regional Park as my oldest daughter is a huge Wizard of Oz fanatic and we got to take her their last summer and we loved every minute spent there as a family!

  105. JessK

    So much! Rock creek nature center and the Beauvoir playground are some regular favorites.

  106. Yahira

    Thanks to your blog,bI am now aware of Burnside Farms and the upcoming Spring festival. I never knew about such a festival yet I had always wondered if there was on in the DMV, since I had known one in Carlsbad, CA. I love photography, so this will be a fun and beautiful event for my family. I can’t wait! 🌷🌷🌷

  107. Katherine

    Kid-friendly hikes are what I am most grateful for finding on kfdc. Thank you!

  108. Liah

    I love your blog, and your commitment and care definitely translates to the reader! I personally appreciate that you offer both weekday and weekend activities because as a working mom it is not often feasible for me to take my son out during the week. I also think you offer a wonderful variety of activities from indoor to outdoor and from the cultural to the scientific!

    My favorite activity l learned from KFDC are the Imagination Stage shoes for young children. I have taken my son to most of them; “Blue” being the favorite!

    Thanks for sharing your personal background. I am not surprised at all that you have a publishing background; your writing is excellent and the layout of your blog is very user friendly!

    Thanks for your hard work and dedication, and happy 7th anniversary!

  109. Nikki

    I love all the articles you write about and tips, they have been so helpful when planning local trips/getaways for my family. First trip we went based on your write up was the Homestead Farm and we all enjoyed ourselves there πŸ˜„

  110. Sonja

    So many great ideas and recommendations. Last summer we took a field trip to the Calvert Marine Museum and it was amazing. Hands on activities, a light house, a boat ride, great displays and the staff were so kind and helpful. My girls loved it and we cannot wait to go back again. Would have never found CMM on our own – so thank you very much!

  111. Rebecca

    Potomac Overlook Regional Park! I took my two boys earlier this week and ended up meeting another momma with two kiddos there who was there per your recommendation as well. We both smiled when we said how we each discovered it πŸ™‚ We ended up spending several hours there, along with the other mom and kiddos we met, and afterwards the mom and I exchanged phone numbers, yay for new mom friends!!! So the park/nature center plus new friends made it a definite highlight out of all your great recommendations.

  112. Reagan ward

    The Christmas displays at the Botannical Gardens!

  113. Reagan

    The Christmas train at the Botannical Harden!

  114. Natasha

    So hard to choose! Either Kenilworth or Riverbend or the Wonder exhibit at the Renwick!

  115. Jia

    Dumbarton Oaks and fossil hunting at Flag Ponds

  116. Yarissa Gonzalez

    Huntley Meadow, your blog let me discover this gem near my home. Thanks!

  117. Ana starkis

    My top faves last year where zoo lights and the kids museum in Bethesda! Your weekly emails help me plan out our weekends with the kids! This blog has been so helpful with keeping our kids (and us) entertained year round!

  118. Petra Holden

    You’re so great, you’ve really made my living here with three small children a huge joy. :). My favorite is the tip that the live butterfly exhibit is free at the Smithsonian is free on Tuesdays πŸ™‚

  119. Jitka Hromek

    So hard to pick just one but love the theatre show postings

  120. Maria Munoz

    I love KidFriendly DC! I moved to DC from a foreign country with a 4 months old baby girl, for me, your blog gave me lots of ideas for fun and new adventures with my daughter. I am very thankful! Hope you celebrate many more years! My favorite post? Hard to pick, but the more useful ones for me: ‘The Great Indoors’ and ‘Party On, Kids: Ideas for Birthday celebrations around DC’. I love to read on weekly basis: ‘The Weekend Round-Ups’ and ‘Where to Play on Weekdays’. I never miss them! Thank you!!! πŸ™‚

  121. Rima

    Did you say fossil hunting! That will definitely be on our to do list. You present so many wonderful ideas, to which we are very grateful.

  122. Jenny

    We pretty much only go places we find on your blog. We loved Brownie’s Beach!

  123. Mary

    Lots of great discoveries, but Huntley Meadows Park has been one of the best because it is close to home so it’s easy to decide to go frequently.

  124. Lucy

    I love learning about all the kid-friendly special events and exhibits that the smithsonians are running, all in one place. We love Yards Park.

  125. Jessica Warren

    Jerome Buddie Ford Nature Center. The microscope alone is worth it! We all loved it…ages 1 to 63! Thanks!

  126. Amy Cannon

    I use your blog regularly – thanks so much for all of your hard work and for opening up here with some interesting tidbits. I think our favorite discovery via this blog was the playground behind the national cathedral!!

  127. Rachel Bradford

    I enjoyed all the information about where to see holiday lights and happenings.

  128. Julie Rios

    I felt so informed around Christmas time… with so many guests and so many suggestions our family really enjoyed DC and all it had to offer. Specifically we enjoyed the waterskiing Santa in Old Town πŸ™‚

  129. Mandie Yanasak Worsley

    Congrats on 7 years & thanks for telling us all about the Annmarie Sculpture Gardens!

  130. Mandie

    Annmarie Sculpture Gardens!

  131. Nayeli Pena

    I love the Botanical Garden. That’s my favorite so far. I like to bring a book when it is early and quiet. One tradition my family has is to visit during Christmas time to see the decorations. My kids and parents love watching all the super detailed towns the little train passes by.

  132. Jessica

    Frog Pond and fossil hunting!

  133. Alisa

    Annmarie Sculpture Gardens!

  134. Rebecca Smolar

    I agree with all comments. I enjoy all of your posts, particularly on things to do indoors when there is bad weather.

  135. Donna Sokol

    The Postal Museum! Looking at it from the outside, who knew it would be so much fun?!

  136. Amy Minkin

    Wow! There are so many. I even have the site bookmarked in my calendar for every week to check out what is new. I think for us it was the US Botanic Garden during the Holidays. The train exhibit and the decorated “wood” monuments were the best! Our twins love everything we do from your site!

  137. Joyce

    I love all your Where To Play posts. They are so helpful.

  138. Dave

    The Big Build at the Building Museum has been a favorite. Thank you for the countless ideas and places that have saved our summers and more..

  139. Heidi Hutman

    Clemyjontri park is our favorite, but we are so grateful for all of the info and guidance we get each week! Congrats!!! We would love to get tickets to the dinosaur zoo. Fingers crossed!

  140. Marlyn Adames

    The kids area at the National portrait gallery.

  141. Sarah Meek

    cabin john park

  142. Irene Lewis

    My family loves the Botanical Gardens the best. We also love time spend outdoors on walks or discovering new areas. I love it when you post places to eat near the outings. It’s always nice to try a restaurant new to us.

  143. Christina Enge

    I like your “Local Hikes” section – and have used it a few times! A neat addition to also getting outdoors, is that we have found some geocaches along the way too.

  144. SDT

    National Geographic Family Day – it was great – Thank you!

  145. Laura Osborne

    The best thing I learned from you was the Fossil Hunting – it was what caused me to subscribe – but I love the weekly ideas!

  146. Allison

    Scott’s run !!!

  147. Esti

    I’ve learned about so many places through your blog. Watkins Regional Park was one I would have never known about as well as the open gym at PG County Sports Complex which my kids love!

  148. Andi

    The National Arboretum and the different art museum installations!

  149. Jessica

    Huntley Meadows Park

  150. Nisha

    Happy Belated Birthday! This is a difficult choice to make since I turn to you so much! Zoo lights is definitely now beloved at home and we love, love the National Arboretum. Still trying to snag those Kusama passes…

  151. Bonnie

    I don’t know if I have a favorite. I check KFDC every weekend and plan from there. I also forward all weekday posts to my family members when they come to town for a visit. This past weekend we went to the Atlas for Mr Skip – that’s my favorite b/c it’s the most recent. But we did The Beach at Nat’l Building Museum, Adventure Theater performances, Zoo Lights, some of the hikes, the beach in southern MD with the fossils, too. It’s one of my most recommended sites when people ask me about DC. Thank you!

  152. Nicole

    Flag Ponds Nature Park for sure. Thanks for all you do!

  153. Yahira

    Burnside farms Spring Tulip Festival! 🌷🌷

  154. Carrie

    Watkins Regional Park!

  155. Diana Epstein

    any of the outdoor suggestions! but most recently, riverbend park was beautiful and a hit. next up – scott’s run or potomac overlook park.

  156. Kara Gotsch

    Hard to pick just one – probably Homestead farms for apple picking. It is now an annual tradition. Thanks!

  157. Melva

    Since I discover kidfriendly it’s been a very useful source to plan my weekend. My favorite place was to visit the Sweden Embassy and be part of the cultural themes they have every year. I highly recommend to all of my friends and family members.

  158. Katie

    I started following and recommending this site 4 years ago when a friend posted it on Facebook. My favorite has been a toss up between the train events post or the one that introduced us to the River Farm in Alexandria.

  159. lynn

    Riverbend Park. We have hiked the trail to Great Falls many times.

  160. Joanna Barbour

    Thank you for this great blog! My favorite recommendation has been the Beauvoir playground.

  161. Jennifer

    Happy blog anniversary! I agree, it’s very hard to pick — I read and recommend your blog constantly — but the Annmarie Sculpture Garden was a place I wouldn’t have found without you and it was a huge hit with multiple generations of people in our family. Thank you!

  162. Cindy Bshannon

    Calvert cliffs!

  163. Cindy Bshannonshannon

    Calvert cliffs!

  164. Marcela

    I take my daughter to many of the places you post on the blog. I’m most greatful for the freebie tidbits and activities because it can get very expensive to keep your kids active.

  165. Shannon

    Calvert Cliffs!

  166. Julie

    My favorite activities have been the volunteer opportunities. The diaper bank in Maryland.

  167. Melinda

    Hidden Pond has been a favorite!

  168. Sonia

    Annmarie Sculpture Garden is a favorite of my girls.

  169. Erik Pelton

    The ‘secret’ glass forest in Pallisades!

  170. Pallavi Raviprakash

    It’s not possible to just pick one πŸ™‚

    Our greatest discovery through your blog has been Annmarie Sculpture Garden, the Beauvoir playground and the postal museum – I think that’s the museum we have been to the most number of times. The other gems that we are yet to explore are fossil hunting, Franciscan Monastery, Adventure Park at Sandy Spring, Escape Room (for kids). I look forward to checking out your blog every Mon and Fri.

    Congratulations on turning 7!

  171. Sarah Wysocki

    Annemarie sculpture garden and beach nearby with shark fossils

  172. Kathy Bergren

    Our most recent favorite is the Annemarie Sculpture Garden, which we check out for the first time in January.

  173. Erin

    You’ve tipped me off to so many great places/outings, that it’s hard to pick one! A recent fav was The Nutcracker puppet show at Glen Echo, My 2 year old loved it, especially when the puppeteer let the kids touch one of the puppets after the show. It was magical for my little guy. I’d like to win the trip to Chincoteague, but all of the giveaways look fun!

  174. Rachel

    Postal museum!

  175. Colleen

    Tough to pick one! I’ve learned of so many neat places to visit and things to do. Most recently, I took my kids to Potomac Overlook and enjoyed the early spring weather.

  176. Karrie Beaudry

    Imaginaton Stage! Although I have enjoyed so many of your suggestions with my very active son, IS has been the most surprising. From the actors to the stories and sets, they are all wonderful for both early childhood stage and their regular stage. My son is enthralled at each and every performance! From the mom of a little boy who never previously sat still, THANK YOU KFDC!

  177. Londonberry

    The National Air and Space Museum is my favorite KFDC adventure. As a kid, I found museums boring. But, my, how they have changed over the years! They are so interactive and engaging! I don’t know who has more fun, me or my girls? Last summer, we toured several museums in the D.C. Area and loved them all. But, the artifacts and my daughter’s live interview with an astronaut made the visit at the National Air and Space museum one of the most memorable. Thank you for turning me onto museums and giving me an appreciation that I had not before 😊.

  178. Renee

    Clemyjontri Park!

  179. Kate Bateman

    Imagination Stage’s Beauty and the Beast! We’re still acting out the story at home.

  180. Lily Wolfe

    Fossil hunting and the train show!

  181. Shirley

    β€œMore Activities to love”. Your weekend blog has always been contributing to our family plan!!

  182. Rachel

    Annmarie Sculpture Gardens. Thank you!

  183. JLP

    Bladensburg Waterfront has turned out to be a regular on our summer rotation list

  184. Carrie C.

    We plan to go fossil hunting this sunmer because of reading about it on your blog!

  185. Melissa Kilbride

    I can’t pick just one! Riverfarm and Ruddy Duck are my top two.

  186. Kinny

    Adventure Theater!

  187. Mike Stebbins

    Hillwood Museum & Gardens. Thank you!

  188. Kim Weinreich

    Wheaton Regional Park!

  189. Kara Eyrich

    I love the Arboretum, love, love, love!

  190. So we haven’t quite made it to my favorite place. It’s a secret garden/art installation of mirrors behind a YMCA! Waiting for warmer weather (I know, but we were out of town all of February). Going to check it out and then maybe take our whole homeschool co-0p! Love your posts. Thanks for the work. Ali

  191. Karen

    Love KFDC! Especially love learning about kid-friendly performances in and around DC.

  192. Amy

    We are new to the area and a neighbor told me about KFDC. I have used it on a weekly basis since learning about it. This past summer we really enjoyed Yards Park. Last week we went fossil hunting at Purse State Park and tomorrow we’re going to hit the Postal Museum or American History Museum. Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge and experience. It sure makes life easier for a SAHM of three that just moved to a big new city!!

  193. Melissa

    Thanks to your blog – we discovered East City Book Shop and Labyrinth Games. Love visiting here on a Sunday after breakfast.

  194. lori

    iFly Loudoun – Haven’t made it there yet but it’s on my list!

  195. Kearney

    Great Country Farms. We found it on an Easter Egg Hunt list of yours, and we have become season-pass holders for the last three years! (Dozens of excellent activities there, but the apple cider donuts are enough of a pull factor in themselves!) Thank you for an awesome blog.

  196. Laura

    There’s always great tidbits .. we especially like the hidden hikes around town.

  197. Cassie

    Learned about the fossil hunting tours! Follow this blog religiously every week for ideas.

  198. Katherine Murray

    Our favorite recommendation from KFDC is Watkins Regional Park. My girls still talk about it and it led us to read Wizard of Oz at bedtime. I love looking at the pictures from our time at this playground and I wouldn’t have known about it had it not been for you mentioning it!

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